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Calender of Activities





  • icon-48-alert Chamber Luncheons / Seminars

Holds third Thursday of the month of August beginning at 11:50 am. Chamber members gather together for seminars and lunch and a general meeting with updates from various committees. You may hear a speaker or receive an update from city or school administration as a part of the lunch. New businesses are also introduced during the meetings.

  • icon-48-menu Member’s Quarterly Forum:

This is a one day forum organized every quarter by the Chamber for her members to help them build their capacity and . The forum features lectures and interactive session.

  • icon-48-newcategory Keyman Dinner/Award:

This is bi – annually held. Outstanding Business owners and operators are honored and given award at this progamme which usually take place during the inauguration/installation of new President and Council. It also features a Guest lecture on topical business issue. The event also features presentation of certificates to newly admitted members where they recite the Chamber’s code of conduct, signaling their formal induction as members.

This holds in September of every year to reform attention to this germane sector for sustainable economic development.

This holds in December of every year.

ENUGU INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR is an annual international trade fair organized by the Chamber with the permission of NACCIMA. It come between March and April of every year.

  • icon-48-media 4th Enugu Christmas Festival SME Cluster on Cashless Economy

30th Nov-10th Dec At GTC, Anex, GRA, Enugu





ECCIMA Annual Programmes/Activities Schedule/Projections


    i.   Council Meeting                                        –         Last Thursdays of Every Month

    ii.   Executive Council Meeting                    –          2nd Wednesdays of Every Month

  iii.   Annual General Meeting                     –          October/November of Every year

  iv.   Enugu International Trade Fair           –           March/April of Every year


  v.   Quarterly Press Briefing                      –            (a) Feb/March

                                                                                     (b) May/June

                                                                                     (c) Aug/Sept

                                                                                     (d) Nov/Dec of Every year 

  vi.   Annual Keyman Dinner/Award                –         Nov/Dec of Every year


 vii.   Visit to members/Membership Drive      –         Wednesdays (at two weeks intervals)


 viii.   Courtesy Visits                                       –         As Need Arises (A.N.A)


ix.   Trade Missions                                           –       A.N.A


x.    Media House Programmes/Visits            –       A.N.A


xi.    Specialized Exhibitions                          –         Between Aug. & Dec.

xii.    Seminars/workshop                             –             A.N.A


xiii.    Membership Forum                            –              A.N



Other External Activities/Programmes that affects ECCIMA within the year

(a)        NACCIMA Quarterly Meetings AGM

(b)        City Chambers Meetings/AGM

(c)        Domestic/National Trade Fairs

(d)        Lagos and Kaduna International Trade Fairs- November/February of 
             every year.