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Brief on Raw Materials and Investment Opportunities in Enugu State. raw


Enugu State is endowed with abundant mineral resource, arable land and a good climate. And with education as a long cherished value for the Igbo man, skilled manpower exists in practically every field of human endeavor. Thus, the investment opportunities, which are either currently, being exploited (by existing business) or, which are being promoted by the Government (through the State Ministry of Environment and Solid Minerals), are aimed at maximizing the advantages offered by this resource endowment.

 These natural resources have being classified into minerals and agricultural produce:


Minerals                                          Estimated AnnualReserves

i)     Iron ore                               –                100 Million Metric Tonnes
ii)    Natural Gas/Petroleum           –                 Large
iii)   Coal                                     –                 Extensive
iv)   Limestone                             –                 Large
v)    Clays/Kaolin                         –                 75 Million MT
vi)   Silica (quartz) sand                 –                  Large
vii)  Bauxite                                  –                  Not Available
Viii) Gypsum                                –                  NA
ix)    Pyrite                                   –                  NA
x)     Copper                                –                 Occurrence Reported 


Agricultural Produce
 The soil and climate in Enugu State can sustain the following crops:

                                        Estimated Currents Annual Production

(i)  Yam                               –                                        700, 000MT
(ii)  Cassava                       –                                          330, 000MT
(iii) Cashew                                                        –         668, 335 Trees in production 
                                                                                   1,040 tons of Cashew nuts
                                                                                   3,120 tons of Cashew apples
(iv)  Peas                            –                                        NA
(v)   Maize                          –                                         60, 000 MT
(vi)  Rice                             –                                       14, 000MT
(vii) Cow Pea                     –                                          1, 000MT
(viii) Melon                        –                                           13,000MT
(ix)   Poultry                                                        –         850, 000 Layer
                                                                                    500,000 Broilers
 (x)   Piggery                      –                                          100, 000MT
(xi)   Oil Palm                     –                                           Wild & Agricultural Species
(xii)  Pigeon Pea                –                                            Do
(xiii) Sweet Potatoe           –                                             Do
(xiv) Kola (nut)                  –                                              Do
(xv)  Castor Oil Seeds       –                                              Do
(Xvi) Plantains & Bananas –                                              Do
(xvii) Citrus (orange, Lemons & Crapes etc)           –           Do
(xviii) Mango                        –                                           Do
(xix)   Pine                          –                                        Approximately 700 hectares under cultivation, including a see rchard.