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Procedure for Establishment Of Manufacturing Business in Nigeria

The following is intended to serve as a business guide to the procedures to be followed by foreigners who wish to establish a manufacturing business in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Investment Information and Promotion centre, a Division of the federal ministry of trade is vested with the responsibility to assist you in your enquiries concerning opportunities and procedures for investment in Nigeria. Its role of Investment Promotions the Centre can also assist in linking you with suitable Nigerian partners.

The center’s services are free, and are rendered through its offices in the Federal Secretariat. Lagos and Abuja and Nigeria’s Diplomatic Missions abroad as well as its counterparts in each of the capitals of the thirty –six states of the federation.

When all investigations have been concluded and you have decided to start a business in Nigeria, having secured the following essential documents:

You should then take the following procedural steps along the line drawn by Government regulations for establishing a business in Nigeria, viz.


All agreements in respect of

Must be registered with the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology in accordance with the following Acts (whichever is appropriate)

1. Trade marks Acts No.20 of 1965
2. Patents and Designs Act No. 60 of 1970
3. National Office Industrial Property Act 70 of 1979.

In the case of drugs, medicament and food, the formula and product-mix including samples should be clear with the Food Drug Division of the Federal Ministry of Health


An inter-ministerial Committee comprising representative of Federal Ministries of Commerce and Industries, Finance, Internal Affair, National Planning, Agriculture, Health, External Affair, Mines and Power, Solid minerals, Science and Technology, Housing and Environment, and the Cabinet Office, has been set up to keep in constant view and co-ordinate the Development of the Industrial sector vis-à-vis development in the other sectors of the economy. The Committee is responsible to the Minister of Commerce and Industries and shall recommendations to him on issues affecting the healthy development of the Industrial sector. Its Secretariat is base in the Federal Ministry of Commerce and Industries. All the various approvals are now embodied in a composite Application Form.

I. Form 1-Information required for Capital Investment in Manufacturing
Industry in Nigeria and Local approval.
II. FMI I/PS-Application for pioneer Status Permit;
III. FMI I Exp-Application for Expatriates Quota (permission to employ
IV. FMI I AUS-Application for Approved User License.

If there are doubt how to complete the application forms, assistance may be obtained form the Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines & Agriculture, Trade Fair Complex Abakaliki Road, Enugu.