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Requirements for Registration of Business in Nigeria inv

The Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990 established the Corporate Affairs Commission to handle issues relating to incorporation of companies-and incidental maters, registration of business names and the incorporation of trustees of certain communities, bodies and associations.

The following legal provision apply to the registration of business


Nature of Registration

  • Incorporation of a Company (Private or Public)


  • Availability of Name

  • Printing of Memorandum and Article of Association.

  • Completion of Statutory Forms

  • Payment of State Duty

Nature of Registration

  • Incorporation of a Company Limited by Guarantee


  • Availability of Name

  • Completion of Statutory Forms

  • The Consent of Attorney General of the Federation.


Nature of Registration

  • Converting a Private, Company to a Public Company


  • Special Resolution to convert and register the Company

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association as required under CAMD for Public Companies

  • Balance sheet as at the date of resolution or the Preceding six months whichever is later

  • Written statement by Directors in respect of Share Capital

  • Statement by Directors and Secretary certified on oath.

  • Statement must show that the paid up capital of the company as at the date of the applications is not less than 25% of the authorized Share Capital

  • Company’s balance sheet as at the date of the resolution or the preceding six months, whichever is later.

  • Statutory declaration in the prescribed form by a Director and the Company Secretary that the special resolution required by section 50 has been passed, and the aggregate of the paid up Share Capital and undistributable reserves.

  • Copy of any prospectus or statement delivered in lieu of prospectus within and the preceding 12months to Securities and Exchange Commission.


Nature of Registration

  • Registration of Business


  • Availability of Name, if the name is an assumed

  • Completion of Statutory Forms

  • Payment of Filing fee


Nature of Registration

  • Registration of Incorporated Trustees


  • Availability of Name

  • Two Passport photographs of each applicant

  • Public Notice in the form of advertisement of intention in three National Dailies.

  • Notice must call for public objection which, if any, must reach the commission within 28days from date of publication.

  • Completion and submission of forms with Application letter, cutting of the Public notice, three printed copies of the organization’s common seal.

  • T he seal impressed on appropriate page of the form, copy of minutes of meeting at minutes the Trustees were elected and copy of minutes of meeting at which the Special Clause was adopted.


Nature of Registration

  • Registration of Mortgages, Debentures and Changes


  • Completion of Statutory Form with instrument creating or evidencing Mortgage or charge attached.

  • Payment of Filing fee


Nature of Registration

  • Increase of Share Capital


  • Statement of amount of increase in share Capital.

  • Ordinary resolution to be filed within 15 Days.

  • Notice to the Commission.

  • Company’s Chairman, a Director or Secretary to sign each of the above.

Nature of Registration

  • Change of Name


  • Resolution stating the change desired

  • Payment of filling fee.


Company searches * Completion of prescribed form
* Payment of fee
* Conducting the search

Nature of Registration

  • Obtaining Certified True Copies (CTC) of File Documents

  • Completion of application Form

  • photocopies of documents

  • payment of fee


Nature of Registration

  • Re-issue of lost Certificate

  • Affidavit of loss

  • Application to the Commission

  • Payment of fee


  • An Incorporated Trustee may not be registered

  • If organization’s aims and objectives are contrary to law

  • Registration must be done within 90 days of creation. Late filing attracts penalty.

  • In changing a company’s name, the objects or the share capital, the annual returns must have been filed up to date. Late filing attracts penalty.