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Enugu International Trade Fair

The famous Enugu International Trade fair is an annual business concourse being organized by the Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA) usually spotlights some key areas of investment and business in the Nigerian economy that demands national attention and policy initiative.
The Fair normally holds in the first quarter of every year and is organized with the support and cooperation of the Federal and State Governments. It embraces all aspects of business and economic activities in Nigeria, and offers unique market for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and user of wide range of goods and services as well as opportunities for the investment, product and corporate promotion.
In tandem with the effort of the Federal Government in developing the economy, simulate real growth in Nigeria, the Enugu International Trade Fair is planned to refocus attention in furtherance to our strategic initiative for a stronger and virile free enterprise and governance that is sustained with public trust and confidence.


The 10 Point Objectives of the Fair:

  • To intensify efforts towards boosting the capacity and quality of local industries and to align efforts with current initiative of the Federal Government to drive the revitalization of the nation’s economy.
  • To expose and promote the vast investment and business opportunities in Nigeria.
  • To facilitate the exchange of technical and commercial information and the expansion of trade transaction in order to enhance the development of the national economy.
  • To provide the forum for the comparison of local products with foreign ones to achieve qualitative economic development of the nation and for healthy competition.
  • To create a conducive atmosphere for demonstrating the latest industrial and technological innovations.
  • To expose and promote the Nigerian non-oil exportable commodities.
  • To expose and promote foreign investment through the active participation of government and other various economic sectors/stakeholders.
  • To spotlight and prospect joint venture projects as well as foreign and local investment in strategic sectors of the economy.
  • To promote scientific research and technologies for actualization by industrialist and policy makers.
  • To strengthen the political and economic relations between Nigeria and other.



  • Enugu the home territory of the Organizers of the Fair is the political Capital of the nine states that make up the former Eastern Nigeria.  This area has the biggest market in West Africa comprising two industrial/commercial complexes. Onitsha/Nnewi and Aba/Port Harcourt with the nation’s first and Export Processing Zone(EPZ) located in the area. The Enugu EPZ would soon come upstream strategy while 60% of the oil, gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries, and 35% of all privately owned industries in Nigeria are located within the territory. The region’s 50million people or 28% of Nigeria’s population accounts for 36% of trade in the territory which is currently at about 16.2billion. The Enugu International Trade Fair remains the major GATEWAY  to this vast market, as the 9 states in the region are within the catchment area of the Enugu International Trade Fair. The Fair thus guarantees you the BIGGEST AND VERY VIBRANT MARKET for business in West Africa.
  • The organizers of the Fair, Enugu Chamber of Commerce, is the oldest Chamber of Commerce in Eastern Nigeria and one of the oldest in Nigeria. World famous Statesmen among them Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Dr. Akanu Ibiam and Dr. M.I. Okpara all of blessed memories brought recognition and prominence to Commerce and Industry in the home territory of the Chamber. The annual domestic trade fairs which the Chamber hosted for several years were highly rated in organization and business performance and earned her the qualification to become the third Centre for International Trade Fairs in Nigeria in the year 1989. This ingenuity backed by experience is evident in the rising popularity and the success of the Enugu International Trade Fairs and has rightly earned the Chamber, the sobriquet: CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS.
  • The Fair puts the spotlight on the world’s most populous black nation and one of Africa’s richest countries, exposing and promoting the vast business and investment opportunities in the country. With a population of over 150million people, huge oil wealth (6th world oil producer) and abundant natural resources, Nigeria unarguably offers an irresistible market and investment opportunity. The Enugu International Trade Fair offers a GATEWAY and opportunity to capture this market.
  • The Fair is planned to fit into and facilitate the national master plan to make the nation’s economy robust through its promotion and focus on the economic policies of the Federal Government.
  • The Fair is fully supported by the Nigerian government and is usually well patronized by numerous government agencies in search of new products, services, inventions and investment proposals.
  • The Fair usually is staged between MARCH and APRIL of every year to provide you the market at which to test, launch, or re-launch new products, services or ideas early in the year. It also provides opportunities to identify the emerging trends in business in the New Year. This as you know is very important for effective business planning and success in the year. Surely, there is a definite advantage in exhibiting at NIGERIA’S BIGGEST AND BEST ORGANISED FAIR.
  • Famous for it’s large coal deposits, Enugu enjoys two unique advantages. One is a summer-like weather from late January to May (the period of the Fair), characterized by long days, cherry mornings , mildly sunny moon and cool breezy evenings. The socio-political climate is stable and relaxed and the crime rate, one of the lowest among the major cities in the country. There is cheap and reliable transport network including an International airport and railway terminus. Indeed, Enugu is one of the few cities in Nigeria where you can do business in utmost comfort and relaxation. This you will see in all our INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIRS


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