What Is The Chamber Of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is an association of businessmen and women who have the common goal of protecting and improving the business environment in which they operate for their benefit and that of the community. A Chamber of Commerce is usually governed by private law and normally is a voluntary or compulsory association of businessmen and women depending on the law of the land.

In Nigeria, just as in the United States of America, membership is voluntary while in France, etc, it is compulsory.

Membership of the Chamber is open to all businessmen and women who have the desire to come together and work for the growth of business depending on the strength of the organization. Membership can also be multiple depending on the location of business concerns.

Enugu Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit making organization of business professionals who have joined together:

  • To promote the civic, commercial and industrial progress in Enugu state and environs. To be a non-partisan association.
  • To be a major factor in promoting and enhancing the social and economic climate, in which we all live and work.

Think of the Chamber as a catalyst, a common vehicle through which business, professional and individuals work together for the common good of the community. A better community means a better quality of life for all

The Chamber works for a better Nigeria, particularly Enugu State.

  • Ensure the economic condition of the area is at a level where the business will risk resources in the hope of making a profit.
  • The Chamber understands that a healthy business community is necessary to produce the many benefits we enjoy.
  • To succeed in the above goals, jobs must be provided and wealth produced to finance the social and cultural attributes that make us proud of our community.
Our History

ECCIMA In Perspective

The Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA) was established in 1963 for the promotion and protection of Commerce and Industry, and to represent and express the opinion of the business community on questions affecting Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture firstly in Enugu, the then Eastern Nigeria (its main catchments area), and where applicable, the whole Federation.

Thus at inception the Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture covered areas now served by such very well know chambers as Port Harcourt, Uyo, Calabar, Aba, Owerri, Umuahia, Onitsha Nnewi, Awka and, of course Enugu Chamber of Commerce.

What the Chamber has lost in territorial spread over the years has been more than made up for in ever-increasing influence and respect enjoyed by the Chamber which is evidenced in her rising to the third Chamber nation-wide allowed to organize international trade fair in the Country. The very popular ENUGU INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR, which it organizes, has already carved for itself a niche in the annals of Trade Fair world-wide.

The Chamber’s publications, including journals, have become leading works of reference used by businessmen in connection with trade and investment potentials of the State and the Country.

The Chamber is recognized as the official body through which local opinion on Commercial, Industrial, Mining and Agriculture matters can be presented direct to Government and other Authorities, both at National and local levels. It is from time to time, consulted by government in advance on the preparation of new legislation affecting the Commercial, Industrial and Mining Communities.

Today, the Chamber is a major organization in the Country for collecting and distributing information of a business nature, especially regulations, tariffs, opening for commerce and joint venture partnership, and other matter affecting home and overseas markets.

The Chamber is incorporated as a non-profit making association. Its income and property are applied solely to the promotion of its objectives.

The role of the Chamber (apart from its continuous effort on behalf of Eastern State interest), focuses largely on the demands its Members of individual service rendered by the Chamber’s full time staff.

The Chamber is a member of the Nigerian Association of Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA). It has contacts with foreign Chambers of Commerce, throughout the trading world and it can thus give a worldwide service to its members, individually and collectively

In the attainment of its objectives, the chamber has been creed. No doubt faced with many challenges, the chamber has been striving to meet up with its social responsibility to members in particular and the business community in general.

As we enter a new dawn in the historic development of the chamber, the chamber is poised to surmount the problems that have hindered its services to members and the business community.

There is doubt that with the successful accreditation exercise the chamber passed through, as conducted by the Centre for International Private Enterprise – CIPE, Washington DC with NACCIMA, ECCIMA has been re-engineered and is still re-positioning to impact more positively to the community.

The Chamber has sharpened her advocacy campaign and engagements for the improvement of the Enugu business environment and indeed the South East region nay Nigeria with the support of CIPE.

The Chamber has sharpened her advocacy campaign and engagements for the improvement of the Enugu business environment and indeed the South East region nay Nigeria with the support of CIPE.

The chamber, with a volunteer governing council and devoted full-time staff, has been facing challenges in meeting its social responsibilities especially on matters that border commerce and industry.

Our website has dramatically boosted our network to global business links and information services to members. You can meet us on the social networks; FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Our Objectives

  • To protect and promote and Trades, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture in Enugu and by extension the whole country.
  • To organize regular enlightenment campaigns and seminars aimed at acquainting members and the business community with the state-of-the-art trends in commerce and Industry.
  • To collets, collate and disseminate statistical information that is capable of promoting trade, shipping, industry, mines, and agriculture to its members and to the entire business community.
  • To initiate, promote, support or oppose legislative acts and any other government measures affecting trade and activities in Nigeria. This object it pursues, using legitimate means including formal lobbying.
  • To provide resource base and consultancy service to strengthen the technical and managerial capacities of members and that of the business community.
  • To act as the formal organ through which local business opinion could be harnessed and projected to the government (at all levels), its agencies, and authorities.
  • To provide various fora through which members and trade unions can freely interact and exchange ideas.
  • To ensure that Enugu business community, which it represents, is not left out in the scheme of things in Nigeria with respect to commerce and industry.
  • To engage in publishing and gathering directories, periodicals, newsletters, and journals aimed at acquainting members of business opportunities and publishing members businesses.
  • To gather resources, including money and property necessary to achieve the aforesaid objectives.

Do You Have Any Questions?

For registration inquiries or trade fair inquires or all other inquiries, please leave us a message. We’d be glad to hear from you.