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Becoming a Member

N/B:     MEMBERSHIP: The membership of the Chamber shall be for only incorporated Companies registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Decree No. 1 of 1990, any earlier relevant Act of any professional firms, registered with its recognized relevant professional body.

  1. All applicants are expected to obtain the membership application form with the sum of N3,500 (Three Thousand, Five Hundred Naira).
  2. Processing/Admin Fee – N30,000.00 (compulsory for all new members).

The Annual Subscription, payable for the time being on receipt of advice of election, is as follows:

  • Category A: Banks, Financial Institutions & ‘A’ Level Corporate Firms  – N30,000.00 per year
  • Category B: Medium Scale Enterprises (50-100 Employees) – N15,000.00 per year
  • Category C: Small Businesses (0 – 50 Employees) – N10,000.00 per year


  1. A member whose subscription is in arrears cannot vote, and when his subscription is six month in arrears, he shall forfeit all his privileges as a member. His name will be announced before the Council as a debtor and minuted. The arrears will be recovered by the Chamber.
  2. All payment should be made to “Enugu Chamber of Commerce”
  3. The following documents should be produced by the candidate:

(a)    Evidence of Certificate of Incorporation.

(b)   Evidence of Certificate of Registration of Business Premises.

(c)    Evidence of Current Tax Clearance Certificate

(d)   Evidence of Form CO7 – Particulars of Directors