The Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA) is dedicated to fostering economic growth and development in Enugu and across Nigeria. Our aims and objectives are focused on enhancing trade, industry, and agriculture while providing valuable support to our members and the broader business community.

1. Protecting and Promoting Trade, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture
We are committed to safeguarding and advancing the interests of trade, industry, mines, and agriculture in Enugu and throughout Nigeria, ensuring these sectors thrive and contribute to the economy.

2. Enlightenment Campaigns and Seminars
Regularly organizing educational campaigns and seminars, we keep our members and the business community informed about the latest trends and innovations in commerce and industry.

3. Disseminating Statistical Information
We collect, collate, and disseminate vital statistical information that promotes trade, shipping, industry, mines, and agriculture, benefiting our members and the entire business community.

4. Legislative Advocacy
Our chamber initiates, supports, or opposes legislative acts and government measures affecting trade and business activities in Nigeria, using formal lobbying and other legitimate means to influence policy.

5. Providing Resources and Consultancy Services
We offer a resource base and consultancy services aimed at strengthening the technical and managerial capacities of our members and the broader business community.

6. Representing Business Opinions to Government
As the formal organ for local business opinions, we harness and project the views of the business community to all levels of government, its agencies, and authorities.

7. Facilitating Interaction and Idea Exchange
We create various forums for members and trade unions to freely interact and exchange ideas, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.

8. Ensuring Representation in National Commerce and Industry
We work diligently to ensure that the Enugu business community is well-represented and involved in national commerce and industry initiatives.

9. Publishing Business Opportunities
Our chamber engages in publishing directories, periodicals, newsletters, and journals that inform members about business opportunities and promote their businesses.

10. Gathering Resources to Achieve Objectives
We actively gather the necessary resources, including financial and property assets, to achieve our stated objectives and support our mission effectively.

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