Joining ECCIMA comes with a host of benefits designed to support and grow your business:

▣ Business Support: Access to advocacy programs and proposals to government and international institutions for external support such as loans and grants.

▣ Technology Transfer: Opportunities to access industrial technologies and economic ideas.

▣ Discounts: Enjoy discounts on various services from local and foreign institutions, as well as member-to-member discounts.

▣ Business Opportunities: Engage with 60% of the Enugu business community and increase sales opportunities.

▣ Cost Reduction: Benefit from reduced costs of doing business.

▣ Entrepreneurial Development: Access programs and services aimed at enhancing business skills and opportunities.

▣ Trade Fair Discounts Receive discounts for participating in the Enugu International Trade Fair.

▣ Service Discounts: Enjoy reduced rates on services provided by the chamber.

2024 Trade Fair