Frequently Asked Questions

The Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting commerce, industry, mines, and agriculture in Enugu State and beyond.

ECCIMA was established in 1963 to represent and express the opinions of the business community on matters affecting commerce, industry, mines, and agriculture.

ECCIMA aims to protect and promote trade, industry, mines, and agriculture, organize enlightenment campaigns, disseminate statistical information, advocate for favorable legislation, provide resources and consultancy services, and represent business opinions to the government.

Business professionals and organizations involved in commerce, industry, mines, and agriculture are welcome to join ECCIMA and benefit from its various services and support.

Members enjoy business support, technology transfer opportunities, discounts on services, increased business opportunities, reduced costs of doing business, entrepreneurial development programs, and more.

The Enugu International Trade Fair is a globally recognized event organized by ECCIMA, attracting significant participation and showcasing trade and investment opportunities.

ECCIMA initiates, supports, or opposes legislative acts and government measures affecting trade and business activities in Nigeria through formal lobbying and other legitimate means.

ECCIMA collects, collates, and disseminates vital statistical information and publishes directories, periodicals, newsletters, and journals to inform members about business opportunities and trends.

ECCIMA serves as the formal organ for local business opinions, projecting these views to the government and its agencies at all levels, and is often consulted on new legislation.

Yes, ECCIMA provides a resource base and consultancy services to strengthen the technical and managerial capacities of its members and the broader business community.

You can participate in ECCIMA events and seminars by becoming a member and staying updated through our website and social media platforms.

ECCIMA’s mission is to be a global player, providing and nurturing leadership in the growth of free enterprise through networking and collaboration with other business associations and affiliates, both locally and internationally.

ECCIMA’s vision is to promote business and economic development through the highest standards of business ethics and practices and protect the business environment through effective public policy advocacy.

You can connect with ECCIMA through our website and social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—to stay updated on news, events, and opportunities.

Yes, ECCIMA has contacts with foreign chambers of commerce throughout the trading world, providing a global service to its members.

ECCIMA supports the Enugu business community through advocacy, resource provision, information dissemination, networking opportunities, and organizing the Enugu International Trade Fair to showcase and enhance trade and investment opportunities.